Today, I installed a couple diffusers under the belly of a trailer, removed some insulation to expose duct and made hole in duct. Went well.
Next went to a large restaurant and fixed a leak on a drain on an ice-machine.
Next went to a old folks home and replaced a condenser fan motor that was seized.
Over all a good day.


First job of the day, to visit a job site and see what’s need… Once on site, I met with the customer and had a look at a trailer that his company had built a skirt to protect some holding tanks under the trailer. Inspected the “belly of the beast”. Two large holding tanks and a well insulated skirt. So, measure the dimensions and checked the btu of the furnace. Seems the btu of the furnace will be able to handle the extra space. Hopefully, there are very little places the air can escape.
I’ll return next week sometime and install a couple take-offs on the ducting under the trailer.

Second job, inform my boss of what the five condensing units my colleagues and I installed are cooling.

Third job, perform fall heating checks at a business. Found, some bad blower bearings and a bad combustion motor. Then, found a large unit that wouldn’t fire. Checked gas pressure found it low. Removed the burner, it was slightly crusty with combustion residue. Cleaned it off and then found a couple bad wire connections. Someone had used merrets that were too big, so refitted new merrets as ensured a good connection was made by pulling on the merrets. Turned the unit on after reinstalling the burner, and it fired up.

Fourth job, hw supply not meeting the demands. I’ve been at this place twice before; the first time I found a damper stuck open and one of the two tanks was at 50F. I gave it a tap and it functioned normal. Second time I was called for the same issue, however couldn’t find a problem. Today, no problem again… I’ll look into this further next week.